Why Ipsento Coffee Is So Amazing

If you are wondering what makes Ipsento's coffee so amazing? Keep reading.

Guatemala Marilandia - A well balanced lighter roast coffee with tasting notes of milk chocolate, sweet potato, macadamia, and Cacao. The coffee has a medium body with a gentle acidity. One of our favorites to brew on pourover to get every flavor we can out of it. 

Brazil Bob-O-Link - This coffee tastes like a dark roast while staying a light roast. Great coffee for batch brewing with taste notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and a hint of orange. The coffee has a creamy body and mild acidity. A great everyday drinker.

Cascade Blend - Our cascade blend is a wonderful 40/60 blend of Brazil and Guatemala. This is our espresso base for our lattes. As a shot on its own it has taste notes of chocolate, mild orange zest, macadamia and buttery with a bright acidity and full body. It also works great as a batch brewed coffee. 

Colombia Decaf - Decaf coffees usually lose their flavor and acidity through the decaffeination process. This decaf however is a very flavorful coffee with taste notes of raisin, sugarcane, and juicy melon with a standout acidity and full body. In our blind taste tests this is one of our favorite coffees.

Ready to try our amazing coffee?